Ostara 2014 – Part One: Ritual Showers

Do you know how difficult it is to take a ritual shower with a baby? They don’t quite get the ambiance of it. I can roll with it though. It’s just a different energy I’m working with. Less solitary deep trance, more love and care. I’m also very lucky to have a water baby so we can take as long as we need and he loves every second of it.
The general set up for this is just like I was going to take a ritual shower on my own with some minor adjustments for safety: no candles any more, I just dim the lights (this is less for him at the moment and more accounting for the fact that I’m terribly clumsy already, and I don’t quite have down the paying-attention-to-multiple-things ability down yet).
In the shower I put him in his little shower seat so he can kick and the water and smile at how weird he thinks it is and I can cleanse and focus on myself for a few moments. I always cleanse him after me because I feel like if I do him first it’s counter productive. I think of energies as marginally sticky, and I’ve got a lot more of the bad to get rid of than he does. Cleansing him is fairly easy; I use his lavender/chamomile baby wash and wash all the ick (literal and energywise) off him. Then we rinse and play in the water some more, because he enjoys it and I like the cute faces he makes.
We’ve just finished our ritual shower to start today, and gotten dressed for Ostara/his Wiccaning. He’s taking a nap and I’m waiting until he’s good enough asleep I can transfer him to his daddy while I go make something for the potluck.