On growing older and enjoying the end results

When I was thirteen I started shaving my arms because I read in an article that models did so that their skin looked smoother. I had been shaving my arms (and the rest of my entire body) ever since, until recently when I decided to let my body be as natural as it could be and stopped shaving other than my armpits and occasionally my legs. It’s been about a month since I decided to do that and tonight as I was shaving I just didn’t stop. I have no idea why I threw away a month of a growth that had almost become a spiritual experience for me, but I didn’t even realize that I was doing until I had half way finished with one of my arms.

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My Mother’s Red Tent

Thinking about my own red tent and what I would like to do once moon time starts really affecting me again, has made me reflect on when I was a child and my mother would have her Moon Lodge.

Now, that’s not what she called it, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t realize that that’s essentially what she was doing. When we lived in Naples, Italy all those years ago my mother took immaculate care of her self, not just the house and us kids. As such, when her menses came (and they were always pretty intense for her) she would have at least a day (generally the first day of) that she would relax.

We would help her cover the windows so that the living room was dark like a cave, and we would take the mountain of my great grandmother’s quilts from my Hope Chest and make a huge palette for momma and us three kids on the floor of the living room. For that day we all laid on the floor and were quite so that momma could rest. The boys and I would play quietly with some toys and sometimes we would watch long more quiet movies with momma. Then my father would come home from work and make us all dinner and we’d eat and watch something funny and go to bed all in the floor like that.

I think my mother dealt with it rather well, keeping us excited about quiet time and making it something that could relax and refresh her, regardless of having three young children (I’m not sure where my youngest brother is hiding in these photos) and a husband around during that time. Knowing what I know now, I’m really proud of how my mother handled it.