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I totally forgot about this blog! Shame on me! Well if you follow this one and like me enough to move I have a “new” blog at rosethornsandcoyoteteeth.WordPress.com ! Thanks for following!

Being a Renaissance Pagan

This morning on my way to school I listened to the “Community through Festival” episode of Pagan Parents on the Edge (which is a podcast I recommend even if you don’t have kids, because it’s goddamn brilliant). Fox and Arrowwind spoke briefly on what is essentially the renaissance man of paganism; or a jack of all trades, master of none type pagan.
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On growing older and enjoying the end results

When I was thirteen I started shaving my arms because I read in an article that models did so that their skin looked smoother. I had been shaving my arms (and the rest of my entire body) ever since, until recently when I decided to let my body be as natural as it could be and stopped shaving other than my armpits and occasionally my legs. It’s been about a month since I decided to do that and tonight as I was shaving I just didn’t stop. I have no idea why I threw away a month of a growth that had almost become a spiritual experience for me, but I didn’t even realize that I was doing until I had half way finished with one of my arms.

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Temple Workshop

Today we went to our sister church in Memphis for a workshop essentially about energy work. It was good but the main reason I’m writing today is because of this:

Today I bought my very own shrine box, and I adore it.