Cosmetic Witchcraft: Magick for the Salon


In the past month I have been working out a way to make my station at school into a makeshift altar. I wanted to make this post before I began a series on magick and cosmetology and how they can work together.
So here’s what we got:


1.) The representation and tool for the element water on my cosmetology altar is my water bottle. Not only does it actually involve the element physically, but it also makes the hair easier to work with, or more malleable to my intentions, which to me is a spiritual attribute of water.
2.) For the element earth I am using a paddle brush. It’s full, sturdy and helps me to brush out the tangles in the hair, or, in other words, create a base.
3.) I have placed a small paper pentacle for spirit in the middle of my station where I set color bowls and such. Not only is it easily hidden, but it can be charged before my day begins to help me through the day without me having to think about it to much.
4.) As a wand stand in I have my comb. It directs the hair, and allows me to make exact decisions on where things might go or how I’m going to carry an action through.
5.) For the athame I have my shears. They are sharp and aggressive like the fire, and are often the end to most actions I take, wether it be a trim or a full on cut.

This is a simple set up that I may or may not add to in the future, but I’m very excited about starting this working.


I totally missed this Thursday’s post due to quite a bit of life going on, so I’ll be starting that series next Thursday instead.

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