Being a Renaissance Pagan

This morning on my way to school I listened to the “Community through Festival” episode of Pagan Parents on the Edge (which is a podcast I recommend even if you don’t have kids, because it’s goddamn brilliant). Fox and Arrowwind spoke briefly on what is essentially the renaissance man of paganism; or a jack of all trades, master of none type pagan.

I feel like when first starting out on ones journey to a new path they are very “Renaissance”-like, learning about all things very generally or in a 101 type of way. As we learn and gain more confidence in what we know or decide what our paths are going to be we become more and more specialized into certain things that apply to us individually. That’s important and we need that to grow in our paths, but I feel that as we begin to move away from the beginner mind we stop seeing the different perspectives of others and how they might be valid. It’s like we stop being seekers because we’ve found something were okay with. I don’t think that becoming stagnant like that is very helpful with spiritual growth at all. Getting other view points from diverse peers is just as important as getting them from elders of the same path as you.
That being said, I’m going to start doing a series every Thursday in which I highlight something new I’ve learned about a different spiritual path every Thursday. I never want to stop learning. I never want to stop seeking. I think this will help immensely in my own path, and I’m very excited.

2 thoughts on “Being a Renaissance Pagan

  1. Hello Magic Momma,
    On a random lark today I googled the show name and amongst the things that came up was a link to your page. Marvelous. Thanks for the mention. I must say “goddamn brilliant” might be one of the best compliments. Just gave me warm fuzzies. Thank you very much. If you didn’t know we’re back in production after a lengthy hiatus. Love knowing you’re out there. Thanks again. Bblessed Be. Fox

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